Bandwagon-driven style

Bandwagon-driven style

ˈbændˌwægən-ˈdrɪvn staɪl
ˈbænˌdwægən-ˈdrɪvən staɪl
Definition: Carousel-driven advertising style (train effect)
Meaning: Phong cách quảng cáo theo hướng băng chuyền (hiệu ứng đoàn tàu)
Not Common
How to use "Bandwagon-driven style" vocabulary in sentence (example)

In the 1990's, Sprite launched the 'Jooky' ad campaign, which poked fun at other soft drinks and their lack of authenticity and bandwagon-driven style of advertising, foremost among the competitive soft drinks mocked was Pepsi.

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